Project 22460E Patrol Ship


At Almaz Shipyard, St. Petersburg, and the Vostochnaya Verf shipyard, Vladivostok, the Project 22460 Patrol Ship serial construction continues. The design has been developed by the Severnoye DB.

Ship’s weapon consists of one 30mm AK-306 gun mount and two 12.7 mm Kord machine guns.


The design features a helo deck for Ka-226 light helicopter or helicopter-type UAV arranged in the aft of the ship. Here, a multipurpose hangar with aft slip is also arranged for placing special equipment and fast RIBs. An important advantage of the Project 22460 ships is high level of automation. The ship is equipped with a modern integrated control system that provides substantial reduction of the personnel number.

During ship’s designing, a feasibility to use her in various regions of the world was provided, that’s why the Rubin might operate both in equatorial waters, and in thin and broken ice. The design of her steel hull guarantees solution of a task set even after collision with another ship.

The Rubin class ships performed excellently during the hardest trials in course of several service years.