Project 22500 Patrol Ship

Mission: Defense of ships, vessels and communication lines against enemy’s surface ships and submarines; defeat of airborne threats attacks, both independently and as a task force ship; destruction of submarines; fire support of landing troops; frontier guard and patrol duties on protection of territorial waters and exclusive economic zone.
Length, meters 84,0
Beam, meters 13,7
Draught, meters 3,2
Full displacement, tons ab. 1 350
Full speed, knots 28-33
Cruising range, n. miles up to 4 000
Endurance, days 20
Propulsion plant diesel and gas turbine type, total power – 18,000 kW
Air defense weapon 2 Palma antiaircraft artillery systems
8 portable Igla systems
Artillery weapon 1 gun mount
2 machine guns
1 Kalashnikov light machine gun (RPK-8)
Electronics Pozitiv-ME1 air and surface surveillance radar
Aircraft capability Helo deck with facilities for take-off,
landing and maintenance of combat or
rescue helicopter weighing up to 12 t