Project 22460E Patrol Ship

Mission: Border guard and patrol service, search and rescue operations during sea disasters. In war time, defense of water areas against enemy’s forces attacks.


Length, meters 62,5
Beam, meters 11,0
Draught, meters 2,6
Full displacement, tons ab. 700
Full speed, knots 28-33
Cruising range, n. miles 3 500
Endurance, days 30
Propulsion plant diesel type, total power – about 16,000 kW


Air defense weapon 8 portable Igla systems
Artillery weapon 1 57 mm А-220М GM or
1 30 mm AK-630 GM
2 machine guns
Electronics Tranzas-AVS navigation system
Nayada and Baltika-M navigation radars
Aircraft capability Shelter and helo deck with facilities for take-off,
landing and maintenance of light
rescue helicopter weighing up to 5 t