Project 22356 Multipurpose Frigate

Mission: Destruction of surface ships, submarines, and ground targets, antiaircraft, antisubmarine and antiboat defense of ships and vessels, fire support of amphibious troops assault attacks.


Length, meters 135,0
Beam, meters 16,4
Draught, meters 4,5
Normal displacement, tons ab. 4 550
Full speed, knots ab. 29,5
Cruising range, n. miles 4 500
Endurance, days 30
Propulsion plant diesel and gas turbine type, total power – about 40,000 kW


Antiship missile weapon 1 Kalibr-NKE integrated missile system
1 missile system with Yakhont cruise SSMs
Air defense missile weapon 1 Rif-M system or
1 Shtil-1 system
Artillery weapon 1 130 mm gun mount
2 30 mm automatic gun mounts
Torpedo and bomb weapon 1 Paket-E/NK small size torpedo system with anti-torpedo
Sonars 1 MGK-335EM-03 sonar system
1 Vinietka-EM sonar
Electronics 1 Fregat or Furke air and surface surveillance radar
Aircraft capability Helo deck and hangar for Ka-28, Ka-31 or similar helicopter
Avionic ammunition magazine