Project 11356 Frigate

Mission: Combat operations against enemy’s surface ships and submarines in ocean and sea waters as well as countering airborne threats, both independently and as task force escort ship.


Length, meters 124,8
Beam, meters 15,2
Draught, meters 4,2
Normal displacement, tons 3 620
Full speed, knots 30±0,5
Cruising range, n. miles 4 850
Endurance, days 30
Propulsion plant gas turbine type,
total power – about 41,000 kW


Antiship missile weapon 1 Club-N system, 8 missiles
Air defense missile weapon 1 Shtil-1 system
Artillery weapon 1 100 mm А190E GM
2 30mm automatic gun mounts
Torpedo and bomb weapon 2 DTA-53-11356 torpedo tubes
1 RBU-6000 depth-charge rocket launcher
Sonars 1 MGK-335-EM-03 sonar system
1 Vinietka-EM with flexible extended towed antenna
Electronics 1 Fregat-M2EM air and surface surveillance radar
Aircraft capability 1 Ка-28 or Ка-31 helicopter in hangar