Project 22350 Multipurpose Frigate


Presently, the Bureau continues to support construction and delivery of the Project 22350 ships.

The State Trials of the Project 22350 Admiral of the Soviet Navy Gorshkov are being conducted. The first serial Admiral of the Navy Kasatonov frigate is being outfitted at the Severnaya Verf shipyard.

Works on the project started at the Severnoye DB in 2003. The lead ship was laid down in February 2006, the first serial ship, in November 2009. The Project 22350 frigates became the first large surface combatants laid down at Russian shipyards after the collapse of the USSR.


The Project 22350 multipurpose frigate is fitted with the most state-of-the-art integrated complexes and weapon systems and provides high-efficiency solution of a wide range of combat tasks. During ship’s designing, stealth technology features were widely implemented providing physical field reduction, and, consequently, ship’s signature within the corresponding ranges. The ship is equipped with high-performance radar, optical-electronic systems of air and surface situation display, powerful sonars, CMS of the last generation, modern integrated EW, jamming and communication systems.

The air complex provides helicopter and AVCAT stock arrangement. The ship is fitted with high-efficiency diesel-gas-turbine propulsion plant. The MPP, electrical power system, general ship’s systems control is provided by an integrated technical aids control system fitted with data exchange system being an element of the ship’s integrated control system. During ship’s designing, special attention was paid to the issues of personnel accommodation and habitability.

The seakeeping capabilities of the frigate provide her service in any area of the world ocean, but firstly, the ship is designed for the Northern Fleet. As to their basic characteristics and combat capabilities, modern Project 22350 multipurpose frigates are not inferior, and by some features superior to similar foreign ships and provide substantial enforcement of surface combatant groups.