Project PS-300 Patrol Ship

Mission: Search and rescue operations, fire fighting, environmental monitoring, anti-terrorist and anti-piracy tasks.


Length, meters 55,5
Beam, meters 9,0
Draught, meters 2,0
Full displacement, tons about 360
Full speed, knots 33-35
Cruising range, n. miles 2 500
Endurance, days 10
Propulsion plant diesel type, total power – about 14,400 kW


Fire fighting equipment Purga-40 type fire monitor with capacity about 2,500 l/min
and range about 50 m
Rescue equipment High-speed rigid inflatable boat about 7 m long
and speed about 50 knots
40 life jackets and 32 life rings
Aircraft capability Flight deck with facilities for take-off,
landing and maintenance of two UAVs of helicopter type
and receiving cargoes from a light search and rescue helicopter


For more information see booklet (.pdf)